I’m Sara. I’m the introvert who runs this blog in the comfort of her own apartment.

Bowl and Pitcher, Spokane, WA
This was taken by my friend Hannah. As was the photo above.

Writing about myself is difficult. My mom is probably the only one to read this and she already knows me. But on the off chance, you’ve stumbled across this page while you’re spiraling through the internet at 3 a.m., here are some things you might be interested in knowing about me.

I’ve developed a love for succulents.


Sara's Succulents

I’m a little too obsessed with my sister’s cats.

Sage Kitty


I like to take pictures of flowers.

Sara Takes Pictures of Flowers

Having a Field Day with Flowers

More Flowers

Fun facts about me:

I share an ancestor with Ellen DeGeneres, but she has no idea I exist.

I broke my wrist playing Red Rover when I was 17.

I grew up going to Quaker meetings.

I played piano from 2nd grade to high school graduation and flute from 5th grade until college graduation.

And now I’m officially a blogger. That’s pretty exciting and weird because I work with bloggers every day in a much different capacity. But, now that I’ve graduated college, I need a creative outlet to motivate me. Maybe this blog will help me eat healthier and crochet more. You might also find random ranting about feminism and maybe some book and movie and TV show reviews.

Feel free to e-mail me at saratheintrovert@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


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