#GIRLBOSS Book Review

I’m one of those heinous people who always did well in school. I was basically Hermione, but only until middle school when I realized there was a minimum amount of effort I had to expend in order to get an A or a high B. Suddenly I wasn’t an over achiever anymore. I wasn’t valedictorian in high school, but I did have a medal for graduating with a GPA over 4.0. I was good, but not the best. And I think I could’ve been the best, or at least better than I was, if I had just used a little bit of that extra energy.

I’m telling you this not-so-humble information, because I read #GIRLBOSS this week and it was incredibly inspiring for me. Sophia Amoruso, the author and founder of Nasty Gal, started with basically nothing but $50 and an instinct for customer service and common sense. She didn’t graduate college, she didn’t find school as easy as I did, and she’s so successful!

She’s so successful because she put the work in. Her company wasn’t given to her. She made it happen and she worked hard to make it.

This is Seriously the Cutest Video Series: Kids’ Advice on Dating

If you need to smile a little bit as the week winds down, check out this adorable video series “Kids On.” Even if you don’t really like kids, you’ll absolutely love the hilarious things these kids say.

The series starts with this adorableness that actually includes the advice, “get drunk” and kind of put your eyebrows down a little when you say “hey, want a drink?” These kids actually say the darnedest things. As cute as it all is, it’s making me glad that I’m an adult.

Episode 1: How to Approach Someone Across the Bar

Episode 2: How Long Do You Wait to Call?

It could be anytime from 2 days to a week.


Episode 3: Text or Call?

Don’t forget the winky face.


There are about 6 episodes. Go watch all of them!

How to Host a Game Night


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  1. Invite all of your friends over.
  2. Set up Settlers of Catan.
  3. Argue about the last time you played.
  4. Carry over any grudges you had from any previous game no matter how far back in time it was.
  5. Someone will inevitably cut someone else off in the initial settling process. The victim will then refuse to trade with the offending party through out the entire game just out of spite.
  6. That one friend you have that seems to always win will win.
  7. At least two players will get mad.
  8. 2-3 players will discuss how close they were to winning, and if the game had just gone on for 6 more rounds they would’ve smoked everyone else or if a 7 hadn’t been rolled that one time the game would’ve been won 20 minutes ago.
  9. Someone will get called a bitch at least once.
  10. New grudges are formed and cemented for future games.
  11. Someone says “Anyone want to play again?”
  12. Repeat.

Review of “The Martian” (Book and Movie)

I didn’t know anything about The Martian before I saw it in theaters. I just thought the trailer looked cool and who doesn’t love Matt Damon? I had no idea it was a book. I had no idea the science was realistic and I had no idea that it would be as funny as it was.

But it turns out that no one really knew that because the book publishing deal and the movie deal came within a week of each other. It’s a really interesting scenario for a book to movie adaptation, because most people didn’t know the book existed until they heard of or saw the movie. Therefore, instead of having their own personal views of who Mark Watney is, Matt Damon is our Mark Watney. And he does a really great job.

One of the cool things about The Martian (the book) is that Andy Weir released it on his blog just for fun and then people asked for him to make it downloadable on Amazon. So he did, at the lowest possible cost of $0.99. He made the book as scientifically accurate as possible. The only really big inaccuracy is the wind storms on Mars. The atmosphere is too thin for wind storms to actually be that strong; however, Weir needed something to go wrong and move the plot along.

Even though it made me crack up a lot, it probably shouldn’t have been a candidate for a Golden Globe Best Comedy. Just saying.

Review of “The Last Five Years”

I watched The Last Five Years the first time purely because it had my girl Anna Kendrick in it. I knew absolutely nothing about it except that she was in it.

I didn’t know that it was a musical or based on a play. I didn’t know that it would make me want to cry or even that I would want to watch it again. However, as soon as Anna Kendrick started singing, I was like:

Oh yes, this was gonna be great. Because her voice was literally music to my ears.

Here’s a quick summary of the movie without giving away a lot of spoilers:


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