This is Seriously the Cutest Video Series: Kids’ Advice on Dating

If you need to smile a little bit as the week winds down, check out this adorable video series “Kids On.” Even if you don’t really like kids, you’ll absolutely love the hilarious things these kids say.

The series starts with this adorableness that actually includes the advice, “get drunk” and kind of put your eyebrows down a little when you say “hey, want a drink?” These kids actually say the darnedest things. As cute as it all is, it’s making me glad that I’m an adult.

Episode 1: How to Approach Someone Across the Bar

Episode 2: How Long Do You Wait to Call?

It could be anytime from 2 days to a week.


Episode 3: Text or Call?

Don’t forget the winky face.


There are about 6 episodes. Go watch all of them!

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