Review of “The Last Five Years”

I watched The Last Five Years the first time purely because it had my girl Anna Kendrick in it. I knew absolutely nothing about it except that she was in it.

I didn’t know that it was a musical or based on a play. I didn’t know that it would make me want to cry or even that I would want to watch it again. However, as soon as Anna Kendrick started singing, I was like:

Oh yes, this was gonna be great. Because her voice was literally music to my ears.

Here’s a quick summary of the movie without giving away a lot of spoilers:

Girl and boy meet. Girl and boy fall in love. Boy is super successful. Girl isn’t. You start at the end of the relationship from the girl’s perspective and the beginning of it from the boy’s perspective. Then you’re in the middle and then you’re at the end with the boy and the beginning with the girl. They’re singing a lot. You see a lot of love and what can happen to love. You’ll laugh. You’ll probably cry. You’ll probably find yourself singing the songs later.

If you don’t like musicals, don’t watch this movie. If you do like musicals or have someone in your life who loves musicals, watch this movie. If you want to bawl your eyes out while you listen to Anna Kendrick sing, then definitely watch this movie.

I loved The Last Five Years, but I’m well aware that it isn’t going to be a culturally iconic and that a lot of people won’t like it. It only has a 5.9/10 on IMDb, but I would give it a 7.9/10 on my own personal enjoyment scale. It was based on a play, so maybe it’d be even better on stage.

Here are some fun facts about The Last Five Years, courtesy of IMDb:

  1. The film was shot in only 21 days and entirely in New York, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.
  2. Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan sang 11 of the 14 songs live in multiple takes due to camera set ups.
  3. Jeremy Jordan’s wife IRL, Ashley Spencer, is in the movie.
  4. Both Jeremy and Anna have performed in Broadway shows.
  5. It is loosely based on Jason Robert Brown’s relationship with his first wife. Brown was the songwriter for the movie.

Okay, now go watch and enjoy! It’s on Netflix, of course.

The Last Five Years


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