No Brainer: Don’t Date People Who Don’t Read Books

There’s nothing more alarming to me than someone who doesn’t have a favorite book. If you can’t name one even from your childhood, then I don’t think we’re going to get along.

Don’t get me wrong – movies and TV are great ways to consume stories and our culture (I especially appreciate television because hello, Character Development!), but there’s something extra special about books. You get to almost literally (literarily!) step into someone else’s mind and possibly see the world a little differently. Even if you don’t travel very often, you’ll still get to see the world and other worlds that are only in someone’s imagination.


People who don’t read books just baffle me. They always seem to have a limited world view and can’t understand how to step into someone else’s shoes or see the other side of any argument except their own. One of the things that scares me most about Donald Trump is that he doesn’t read anything (not even his own executive orders). And it frightens me when people say the humanities don’t matter in school, but in reality, they teach us about our own humanity and about seeing the humanity in others.

When my boyfriend and I first met, we were in college and both English majors (he studies computer science now, but he has a bigger collection of those Barnes and Noble Classics than I do). I was eager to talk to him and I struck up a conversation while we were walking away from class. I don’t remember how we got on the subject, but one of us mentioned that we have a book from Barnes and Noble full of Kafka’s short stories and the other said that we have the exact same book. Kafka was one of my favorite authors at the time and had found no one to appreciate him with me except professors. I was thrilled to find this small connection and it helped form a base for our fledgling relationship.

Since then we’ve connected over other books like House of Leaves and how we both hated Song of Solomon.

Here are some pros of dating someone who reads books:

  • They probably have highly developed verbal abilities. This means that dirty talk in bed will likely be creative and ~titillating~
  • Readers will likely appreciate the arts and culture, so they’ll be more likely to take you to cool museums and concerts. They’re engaged in the world which likely improves their social well being.
  • Readers have great imaginations because they’re constantly immersed in someone else’s imagination! You’ll never be bored when you spend time with them.
  • Your significant other/reader is going to have shelves and shelves of books. That makes their apartment look awesome, because everyone knows books are the best interactive decoration a person can have. (Occasional con: when you help them move, most of their stuff will be heavy books)
  • As long as they have a book or two, you can leave a reader anywhere. They’ll be fine for a couple of hours while you run errands by yourself or go out for a girls’ night.
  • You’ll always have the perfect gift ideas: a book you know they’ve had their eye on (or the next book in the series they’re reading) or a gift card to their favorite book store.

Here are some cons of dating someone who reads books:

  • Well…if you can’t sleep with the reading lamp on while they read until 2 AM because they have to know how it ends, then that’s probably a con.
  • If you need a lot of undivided attention and don’t like companionable silence while they read, then you’ll probably hate dating a reader.
  • Some readers really like reading while eating (guilty).
  • You’ll probably have to comfort them a lot when they’re crying about fictional characters.
  • But other than that, THERE ARE NONE.

Date a book worm. We’re the best. Ask us about our favorite books and don’t make us choose just one. That’s worse than the choice Sophie had to make.

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