How to Host a Game Night


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  1. Invite all of your friends over.
  2. Set up Settlers of Catan.
  3. Argue about the last time you played.
  4. Carry over any grudges you had from any previous game no matter how far back in time it was.
  5. Someone will inevitably cut someone else off in the initial settling process. The victim will then refuse to trade with the offending party through out the entire game just out of spite.
  6. That one friend you have that seems to always win will win.
  7. At least two players will get mad.
  8. 2-3 players will discuss how close they were to winning, and if the game had just gone on for 6 more rounds they would’ve smoked everyone else or if a 7 hadn’t been rolled that one time the game would’ve been won 20 minutes ago.
  9. Someone will get called a bitch at least once.
  10. New grudges are formed and cemented for future games.
  11. Someone says “Anyone want to play again?”
  12. Repeat.

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