#GIRLBOSS Book Review

I’m one of those heinous people who always did well in school. I was basically Hermione, but only until middle school when I realized there was a minimum amount of effort I had to expend in order to get an A or a high B. Suddenly I wasn’t an over achiever anymore. I wasn’t valedictorian in high school, but I did have a medal for graduating with a GPA over 4.0. I was good, but not the best. And I think I could’ve been the best, or at least better than I was, if I had just used a little bit of that extra energy.

I’m telling you this not-so-humble information, because I read #GIRLBOSS this week and it was incredibly inspiring for me. Sophia Amoruso, the author and founder of Nasty Gal, started with basically nothing but $50 and an instinct for customer service and common sense. She didn’t graduate college, she didn’t find school as easy as I did, and she’s so successful!

She’s so successful because she put the work in. Her company wasn’t given to her. She made it happen and she worked hard to make it.

So why was this book inspiring for someone who was in honor societies? Because it made me think that if Sophia can do it, I can do it. Obviously, I can’t start my own Nasty Gal – that’s not something I want to do, nor would it make much sense for me to start a business that’s already in existence and thriving.

But I could do things I actually want to do. Like review books (and maybe even get paid for it?) or write a book myself. I’ll have to put the work in to make it happen and I want to. I’ve been coasting for years. I did well enough in high school that I knew I’d get into college and even though I spent four years being told that I’d never find a job in my field because I was an English major, I found one. And it’s fantastic (Shout out to Prime Publishing, *middle finger to everyone who told me I should be an accountant instead).

Triumphant bitterness aside, #GIRLBOSS is something that every young woman should read. It’s a tale of someone who pulled themselves up by their vintage bootstraps, and for once, it’s not a white guy. It’s someone I can relate to but I also look up to Sophia. She’s the embodiment of success for me even though fashion isn’t an industry I want to be in. She saw what she wanted and what she was good at and she just went for it.

…fortune favors the bold who get shit done.”

BONUS: Sophia also does a podcast called #GirlBoss Radio and it’s delightful and inspiring.

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